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  • • Private Cloud
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  • Server
  • • Virtualisation
  • • Private Cloud
  • • Public Cloud
  • • Hybrid Cloud
  • VOIP telephony
  • • Network devices
  • • VOIP telephony
  • Desktop computers
  • Server computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Server computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Server computers
  • Network devices

System administration work

Our experience shows that all companies with more than 10 computers need some kind of support for system operation and we have encountered several different solutions applied in the SME segment. There is the designated system administrator, assigned to deal with IT in addition to their standard workload; there is the self-appointed IT expert, who has seen such systems already and feels they are able to cope on their own; and there is the system administrator, with real knowledge, employed specifically for that purpose. There is also a fourth solution, that is, our solution, using outsourced system administration services and it is the most efficient of all.

We have a number of IT experts able to respond to questions within their field of specialty. We can provide availability for the commencement of troubleshooting no later than within 24 hours, if that does not impede the company’s business. If the failure concerns more than one computer, we begin troubleshooting within four hours. We can start work on any computer able to connect to remote support via the internet by remote supervision within two hours.

We support services close to IT (printing, cable voice, website, programming, etc.), so we take over the topic of IT for companies and solutions are provided as a single-channel service. Outsourced system operation is not dominant in medium-sized enterprises and in the corporate segment; they tend to employ system administrators for the various specialist fields. We check and regulate the work of the staff who operate systems. Particular attention needs to be paid to protecting corporate data at these levels as well.

Information Security

We apply the knowledge and expertise, acquired in highly heterogenous systems, for work other than system administration, too. Our staff also have considerable knowledge of networks, putting us up among the highly skilled professionals of the Hungarian IT market. Only a small, though fortunately increasing, number of people have in-depth professional knowledge in this field. The security of business information is a particularly important factor for us and we continue to direct our services towards operating and supporting systems that are as secure as possible.


During IT Audit, systems are prepared to comply with the Information Security Management System (IBIR), Risk Management, Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Hungarian Standard MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2014 in full.

Ethical Hacking

This is also a kind of vulnerability test. This service exposes the points in the company’s IT system susceptible to attack. The planned cyber-attack is preceded by sophisticated preparations, which also allows the preparation of a case study of the managers, if requested. We carry out attempted break-ins into IT systems along clearly defined strategies, documenting the errors, and trying to persuade employees to irresponsibly leak corporate information. The situation is presented from an outsider’s perspective, just as it would be seen by a criminal group specialising in such attacks.

To quote one of our partners: In 2017, industrial espionage is not something to be found only in films, but is indeed an actual source of danger. If we do not spend money on protecting our business secrets, they may find their way out into the black market.

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