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We are experts in quality solutions, through our company and the broad domain of services and products we are able to procure.
  • Whether the issue is operating your IT system,
  • Developing your IT system,
  • Support for your IT team,
  • Development of telecommunication channels
Let us introduce ourselves.

Our company, ITEX SOLUTIONS KFT., was incorporated early in 2014. Our main goal is to map IT needs and deliver comprehensive and customer-oriented services to suit those needs. Our workforce and partners all have a considerable background in information technology. Our solutions represent suitable value in the small and medium-sized enterprise and large corporate segments. Given that broad palette, we offer are highly diverse services across the information technology domain.

Typically, we operate and develop classic IT systems. This service allows customers to avoid the need to directly employ staff with the relevant expertise and experience, as we provide outsourcing solutions for a monthly charge that can be accounted as expenditure. This service knows no absences due to holidays or illness.

We typically assess the client’s IT system in ad hoc exercises and offer advice for development. We seek out and explore errors and identify the required milestones for development. This service generates a development plan that enables any expert to implement the necessary steps.

We support the operators of IT systems generally so that their systems can evolve while they perform their normal tasks. Support for operation may be very important if a medium-sized enterprise intends to introduce new software but has no in-house capacity to do so. Our services include IT training, personal or remote supervisory work and milestones that allow for planning.

We typically implement comprehensive telecommunications development, whether the topic is internet service, telephony or videoconferencing. Service provider connections enable us to deliver cost efficient solutions in the field of telco, regardless of whether it involves internet-based (VOIP) or mobile telephony, microwave internet services or domestic or international leased line internet services. We secure good rates with small or large service providers and deliver.

We are often asked to provide Microsoft systems under a lease scheme. It is important to note that we have a valid Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licence Agreement). This allows us to supply Microsoft licences under lease arrangements along with our services. Rather than having to purchase software, our clients may lease software from us, in quantities that can be determined month by month. Our clients typically remain partners on a long-term basis.

We attribute priority importance to the protection of corporate information, which is why we offer a number of services in that respect. Information security management Audit ISO 27001, Ethical Hacking, DRP - Disaster Recovery Plan.

We offer support to municipalities in the amendment of existing, or the drafting of new, information security policies, for the purposes of information security under Act L of 2013 on the electronic information security of government and municipality bodies associated with the mandatory implementation of ASP.

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Cloud integration
Microsoft Operator
Microsoft Development
Microsoft Integration
Microsoft Operation Support
Linux Operator
Website; html, wordpress, joomla
VOIP telephony
Printing services
Ethical Hacking
MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard
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